A small strip of land between steep woody slopes, a magical place where the tradition of wine and good oil is the gift of Mother Nature to men who have always worked with passion among these slopes.
It is here in the upper Valle Arroscia - in the province of Imperia - that Bruno and Eliana lead a family business that embodies the history of a small corner of Liguria. The company is young. Born in 2009 when Bruno decides to quit his job to dedicate himself to the vineyards. A courageous choice that has changed the lives of both.
The municipality is Pieve di Teco, the village of Acquetico, between 500 and 700 meters above sea level, where the sun and the mild Mediterranean winds give the vineyards the best conditions for ripening grapes.
A more alpine scenery than agriculture - where you can meet wild boar and roe deer - defined by Mario Soldati "the optimum" or the maximum "for the quality of the grapes and the wine".
The vineyards owned by the family are from 60 to 100 years old and the choice is to maintain and cultivate them in a traditional way, not using herbicides and chemical fertilizers.
In the vineyard, barley and favino are sown, which is then minced and placed on the ground to simulate the soil.
The particularly favorable position of the vineyards, very ventilated in altitude and well exposed to the sun allows us to do very few treatments and not to use anti-molds - we then lead a cultivation of grapes with great respect for the environment and the nature that surrounds us - It is not strange, in fact, in the summer to find nests of birds well hidden in the leaves of the vines.
It is the homeland of the Ormeasco, an indigenous vine cultivated in a restricted area of the province of Imperia which, together with the Pigato - another indigenous variety of absolute quality - is the pride and pride of Tenuta Maffone.

The Pigato cultivated at 500 m. slm, vinified with cryomaceration and long batonage before bottling differs a lot in the aromas and in the structure from those cultivated closer to the sea.
L 'Ormeasco is vinified 5 different ways - we start from Sciac-trà - a natural rosè derived from a white vinification - the classic Ormeasco, maceration on the skins with vinification in steel - L' Ormeasco Superiore, late harvest of selected grapes a hand in the oldest vineyard, maceration on the skins and a passage of about 6 months in large wooden barrels - L 'Ormeasco Passito, a small production with grapes dried on trellises until January and then taken away by hand and crushed in the old press.
In 2012, Bruno decides to carry out a project on which he had been studying for some time - to make Ormeasco sparkling.
These mountain grapes that no one had ever tried to make wine in ways different from those of tradition that however lend themselves to aging and we can prove it to the superior or passitous ormeaschi that we can taste even found in old cellars forgotten by many many years .
Well start this new adventure!
Following the directions of the winemaker, Marco biglino, we start to harvest the ormeasco in the first days of September - over a month and a half before the classic harvest.

These grapes, still far behind in the maturation, are vinified in white, when the wine is made is bottled following the dictates of the vinification of the Metodo Classico sparkling wines and then the bottles are placed in the grandfather's old cellar to rest for at least 30 months.
In 2014 the first disgorgement is a success !! The Classic Method of Ormeasco grapes which has been given the name "Dueluglio" - first and only in the world - has become a reality, is immediately appreciated and is already thought about how it will be after 48 or 60 months and therefore the production continues with renewed enthusiasm .

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